Madhubani Nagar Nigam Election 2022 : Nomination Form, Election Symbol, Result Date & Details

Madhubani Nagar Nigam Election 2022 has Schedule to done in the month of April-May 2022. The Bihar government & district administration has upgraded Madhubani from Nagar Parishad to Nagar Nigam in 2021 Bihar Election Commission will officially issue the notification for the Nagar Nikay Chunav 2022 schedule. Nagar Palika Chunav in Madhubani will be for ward councillors, Mayor & Deputy Mayor. This is the first time that voters of Madhubani Nagar Palika will elect Mayor and deputy direct from votes. Election in Nagar Panchayat, Nagar Parishad & Nagar Nigam in Madhubani district will be conducted on the scheduled date.

Here in the below paragraphs, we have described Nagar Nikay Chunav schedule, nomination form filling, symbol and result declaration details. Madhubani Nagar Nigam election 2022 details described below.

Madhubani Nagar Nigam Election 2022

Nagar Nikay Chunav in Madhubani will be for Nagar Panchayat, Nagar Parishad & Nagar Nigam. In Madhubani Nagar Nigam, there are 51 wards for election. Candidates will first fill Nomination form in the last week of April 2022 then Scrutiny of Nomination form will be done by the election commission. The election symbol will be distributed after final candidates list.

Madhubani Nagar Nigam has 57 wards with 3 Lakh 16 thousand 513 population.

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Candidates have to start filling of the nomination forms will start after the commission will declare the official notification for Nagar Palika Election 2022. Candidates have to be eligible for contesting the Nagar Nigam election 2022.

The delimitation of Madhubani Nagar Nagar has completed and 51 villages included in new Nagar Nigam with 144.65 square km.

अधिसूचना में नगर निगम क्षेत्र की चौहद्दी निर्धारित कर दी गयी है. इसके अनुसार नगर निगम क्षेत्र की उत्तरी सीमा मंगरौनी -नाजिरपुर, दक्षिण में शंभुआड़-भिट्ठी, पूरब में कमला नदी और पश्चिम में जीवछ नदी के पूरब किनारा पर जगतपुर, सप्ता, भच्छी व भखरौली होंगे।

Madhubani Nagar Nigam Election Schedule

Official Declaration of NotificationMarch-April 2022
Start of Nomination of candidates March-April 2022
Start of Code of Conduct in Nagar Nigam March-April 2022
Last Date of Nomination of Candidates March-April 2022
Scrutiny of Nomination forms Mach-April 2022
Withdrawal of Name March-April 2022
Symbol Distribution of Candidates for election March-April 2022
Election in the Madhubani Nagar Nigam March-April 2022
Result of Nagar Palika election 2022March-April 2022

Nagar Nikays in Madhubani

Nikays NameWard No
Madhubani Nagar Nigam
Phulparas Nagar Panchayat
Benipatti Nagar Panchayat

Official website of Bihar State Election Commission htts://

Madhubani Nagar Nigam Election 2022

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